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The first assessment occurs when the referral letter or email is received. Patients are triaged according to the current triage policy, and appointments are made by return phone call either by a receptionist or a nurse from our Clinical Support Team. We do our best to get this done within a few days of the receipt of the referral. In nearly all cases an appointment is made with one of the physicians in the clinic.

Your Initial Consultation and assessment will be approximately 45 minutes. The more information we can gather prior to the consultation, the less time required during the consultation for data collection. This leaves you more time for explanation, discussion and questioning. In order to facilitate this we ask that the patient fills out questionnaires and medical information forms prior to their appointment.

Your Privacy is very important to us. As such, the utmost care is taken to ensure your information is protected. The information you share with us is stored into your medical history securely. Additionally, with permission we will also store your information in our research database, which is completely secure. This helps us to constantly improve. We want to know if what we are doing is helpful, and even more importantly, if it is not. Best-practice medicine is only available with continuing re-evaluation of performance.

Each patient then undergoes a comprehensive pain assessment by a physician. The patient is then provided, if possible, with a sophisticated assessment and management plan. The complexities of pain and the varieties of available management options make a simple explanation difficult to offer. Patients may well require more than one consultation to be able to fully understand their problem.

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