Interventional Diagnostics

The management of any medical problem is characterised by the diagnostic phase (finding the cause) and the therapeutic phase (treating the cause and symptoms). In pain medicine, a more precise diagnosis can be made with interventional diagnostic injections. During these procedures, a specific target source is identified by the use of imaging techniques such as fluroscopic x-ray, CT scan or ultrasound. The goal of this type of diagnostic procedure is to elicit a response from the patient. If pain is either temporarily relieved or activated by the procedure, then a diagnosis can usually be made.

For more information, see the following interventional diagnostic procedures:

Sometimes, when a doctor sees fit, an even more precise procedure may be necessary. This will generally only be suggested if it’s thought that it could lead to a specific treatment for the pain. Interventional treatment will often follow interventional diagnosis. Examples of possible treatments can be found in the Interventional Treatments section of this site.

Diagnostic procedure

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