Metro Pain Group at the forefront of neuromodulation research

Our Metro Pain Group doctors continue to contribute to the advancement of pain research at the International Neuromodulation Society’s 13th World Congress to be held on 27 May – 1 June 2017 in Edinburgh, Scotland. The world’s premier scientific congress on neuromodulation therapy have historically attracted more than 1,400 delegates. The audience hails from various multidisciplinary professions including: medical specialists and trainees, scientists, engineers and allied health professionals. This year’s theme, Neuromodulation: Technology Changing Lives, aims to emphasise neuromodulation’s transformative force – its current approach and how this will change in the future. The conference focuses on innovation of neuromodulation in pain medicine, as well as other specialities such as cardiovascular disease, neurology, gastroenterology and urology.

Our doctors are heavily involved throughout the conference, moderating and presenting on a number of topics:

  • A Single Clinic Experience of the First 100 DRG SCS Cases: Lessons Learnt
    Bruce Mitchell, MD
  • Multi‐Center, Prospective, Clinical Trial of High‐Frequency Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) in the Treatment of Chronic Upper Limb and Neck Pain: An International Perspective
    Moderators: Timothy Deer, MD; and Richard Sullivan, MBChB; Adnan Al‐Kaisy, MB ChB; Kasra Amirdelfan, MD; and Paul Verrills, MBBS
  • Why Dorsal Root Ganglion Stimulation is a Target: Early Clinical Study in Europe and Australia. What did we Learn Positively and Negatively about the Procedure Itself and Technique?
    Paul Verrills, MBBS
  • What is the Best Method to Treat the Disease? DRG Stimulation or Other Forms of Neuromodulation?
    Moderators: Paul Verrills, MBBS; Vivek Mehta, FRCA, MD; and Saravanakumar Kanakarajan, MBBS


In addition, Dr Bruce Mitchell and Dr David Vivian, as part of a worldwide research team have been awarded the prestigious International Neuromodulation Society’s 13th World Congress Best Abstract Awards. The award was presented in recognition of quality, originality and ingenuity of their research: A New Functional Treatment for Refractory Chronic Low Back Pain – 1 Year Reactiv8-A Trial Results.

Having demonstrated favourable results, the research involves the implantation of a unique neurostimulation system. The implanted device is designed to electrically stimulate the nerves responsible for contracting the key stabilising muscles in the lower back. The activation of these muscles aims to restore their functional stability and to facilitate recovery from chronic low back pain.

According to the International Neuromodulation Society, this year’s congress marks an important time for neuromodulation – with the emergence of the “digital drug” and the next evolution in healthcare paving the way to the future of neuromodulation.

For more information, visit the International Neurmodulation Society website.


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