What is neuropathic pain?

neuropathic pain

Neuropathic pain commonly presents as burning, pins & needles, numbness, electric shocks or itching. It has multiple causes including nerve injury, spinal cord damage and complications from shingles. Neuropathic pain can also arise following a surgical procedure.

Around 7–8% of adults experience pain that can be described as neuropathic, as well as one in four people with diabetes.  Managing neuropathic pain can be challenging. It is associated with impaired quality of life and is often poorly managed, partly because neuropathic pain is often unrecognised by healthcare practitioners.

At Metro Pain Group, we regularly treat patients with neuropathic pain. We offer advanced and evidence-based treatment measures in conjunction with multidisciplinary care.

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    At Metro Pain Group, we assess each patient’s condition individually. As leaders in pain intervention, we aim to provide advanced, innovative and evidence-based treatments tailored to suit the patient. The suitability of our procedures varies from patient to patient. If you would like to find out if this or other treatments are suitable for your specific condition, please speak to one of our doctors at the time of your consultation.

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