Treatment for ongoing knee pain

treatment for ongoing knee pain

Do you experience knee pain that is worse in the morning, but improves as the day progresses?


Do you feel burning sensations, buzzing and numbness in your knees?


Do you experience severe pain that often wakes you up at night?


The knee is a complex joint. Ongoing knee pain from osteoarthritis can come from multiple sources. In 30% of cases, the pain does not actually come from the joint itself.1 The knee is surrounded by connective tissues, ligaments and bone which are all rich in nerves, and the likely source of pain. In some cases even nerves that well away from the knee area can also be common sources of pain.

At Metro Pain Group, we have a range of options available. With our unique approach, we offer treatment strategies for the long term reduction and management of pain.  Depending on the patient’s specific condition, we offer:

  • General advice
  • Medication management
  • Psychology and rehab
  • Delivery of injectables including steroids, hyaluron, PRP and stem cells
  • Recommendation of orthopaedic devices
  • Diagnostic procedures
  • Interventional treatments


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1 Dieppe, P.A. and Lohmander, L.S., 2005. Pathogenesis and management of pain in osteoarthritis. The Lancet365(9463), pp.965-973.


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    At Metro Pain Group, we assess each patient’s condition individually. As leaders in pain intervention, we aim to provide advanced, innovative and evidence-based treatments tailored to suit the patient. The suitability of our procedures varies from patient to patient. If you would like to find out if this or other treatments are suitable for your specific condition, please speak to one of our doctors at the time of your consultation.

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