Celebrating the career of a remarkable Physician: Thank you Dr David Vivian!

David Vivian

Metro Pain Group was founded 32 years ago in 1986, by Dr David Vivian and has since consisted of leading medical physicians in the areas of interventional pain, musculoskeletal and sports medicine. Since its inception, Metro Pain Group has built a reputation for itself as a global leader in the field of interventional pain medicine and was the first Australian clinic to be awarded the Excellence in Pain Practice Award by the World Institute of Pain in 2011.

As David Vivian begins to wind down at the end of a long and successful career, we thank him for his contributions to interventional pain medicine and the lives of his many patients. David Vivian has been involved in direct practice for over 35 years as an Interventional and Musculoskeletal Physician. He is a past President and a Fellow of the Australasian Faculty of Musculoskeletal Medicine (AFMM) and has vast experience, not only in the diagnosis and management of complex pain problems but also in specific pain interventions including spinal and peripheral nerve stimulation. He has authored medical text-book chapters on spinal pain pathophysiology, discography, internal disc disruption, radicular pain, sacroiliac joint assessment and intervention, interventional disc treatment and the role of diagnostic imaging in discogenic pain, and sub-edited a section on Spinal Pain and Intervention in the medical textbook, Pain Procedures in Clinical Practice. He has also written national guidelines for spinal pain and anterior knee pain. As a Chairman of the Board of Clinical Intelligence, he was active in innovative data collection and research. His research can be found published in journals such as Neuromodulation, Pain Medicine and Spine. Yet, his contribution to pain medicine and to Metro Pain Group goes beyond the quantifiable aspects of his career and lies in his genuine commitment to the alleviation of pain, of listening to his patients, in providing them with the best possible care and in furthering research in pain medicine so that patients may have access to the most effective, evidence-based, pain management. It is this commitment to care and person-centred approach which will remain his legacy as Metro Pain Group continues to advance the field of interventional pain medicine.

Today, Metro Pain Group has strong foundations, an expert multidisciplinary team of practitioners working directly to enhance our patients’ lives, a research wing pioneering advancements in pain medicine and a state of the art, purpose-built facility, none of which would have been possible without the vision, drive and care of Dr David Vivian.


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