29/11/2019 Altering Pain Signals with the Latest Technology

Neuromodulation can be a life-changing treatment for the carefully selected patient. In recent years, we have seen neuromodulation therapy advance in a way that has dramatically reduced pain and improved...

25/09/2019 Nerve-related foot pain: is there a magic formula?

Numb, tingling, hypersensitive, stabbing and burning are words commonly used to describe the pain of peripheral neuropathy. Initially presenting in the feet, this pain syndrome is a source of disability...

31/07/2019 Coping better with persistent or chronic pain

Chronic or persistent pain is more than just a biological or physical phenomenon. Both social and psychological factors can change how we experience and perceive pain, these factors can increase...

26/06/2019 What is your “Live Better” tip?

Metro Pain Group are compiling a collection of helpful tips and advice to be shared within the chronic pain community. In 25 words or less, how do you manage your...

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