Make a New Year’s Resolution to Manage Pain Effectively this Year!


Make a New Year’s Resolution to Manage Pain Effectively this Year!

As we bring in the new calendar year, it is a time to reflect and check in with ourselves. To ask if we are moving in the direction we desire or being hindered by old habits. It is a time where we are encouraged to dream big and imagine our best lives and determine the resolutions we will make to get there.

For many people living with chronic pain, the ultimate dream is to be pain-free. While this is not always possible, good pain management is a practical and achievable goal, which can give you the space to focus on other things that are important to you. That is why our new year’s resolution is to provide every patient we see with the best possible pain management plan that suits their individual needs and to empower them to take back their life from pain. Ultimately, we want what you want. To reduce the suffering associated with pain.

Looking back on 2019, we helped over 5000 patients on their pain journey. In bringing in the new year, we remember that what we do is not just a job. We work with patients experiencing some of the hardest times in their lives and have the power to help make significant positive changes. In bringing in 2020, we recommit to providing patient-centred care, to furthering research in pain medicine and striving for excellence in every step of our patient’s journey.

In actualising our goal to reduce the widespread suffering of chronic pain, we will be expanding the practice by taking on more practitioners. This will help reduce waiting times between appointments and allow us to respond proactively to patient demand, as pain becomes more widely recognised as a disease in its own right.

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