Monash Clinical Research

Monash Clinical Research is responsible for monitoring the patient outcomes to the various procedures performed at Metro Pain Group.  By doing this, we get an idea of how well different interventions are working for our patients.

We assess their pain and how their life is impacted prior to their treatment here, then we measure how it changes following treatment. This adds to the evidence base that supports different treatments and ensures that Metro Pain Group offers people with chronic pain the very latest in effective pain management treatments.

Data analysis

Monash Clinical Research also run clinical studies.  These clinical studies try to discover things like; how effective are new treatments? For whom will they work best and why? How long will the treatment work? Our studies also help inform the treatment pathways for chronic pain patients.  These are often international trials, so we are one link in the worldwide chain helping to improve outcomes for people with chronic and complex pain problems. Our list of current studies can be found in the Current Studies section of this site.

Alongside patient trials, we also publish our research and data for other researchers and doctors around the world to review and to learn from.  Our doctors regularly publish study findings in medical/scientific journals as well as presenting at national and international conferences. These international collaborations mean our doctors and research staff are always at the forefront of the latest advances in techniques and technology. We know too from these experiences that we are world leaders in our field.

For more information, visit Research Publications from Monash Clinical Research’s website.

If you are interested in learning more about our research department or about our clinical trials, please email

Monash Clinical Research

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