Patient Assessment

An essential component of a pain clinic is an ability to make a precise diagnosis based on current scientific principles. Following diagnosis, the clinic should be able to provide management strategies for complex pain problems. In some instances this can only be achieved by the insertion of needles or instruments using sophisticated imaging equipment including fluoroscopic x-ray, CT or ultrasound. Such procedures are known as interventional diagnostic procedures.

They are only required for a small number of people suffering from acute or chronic pain. Our clinicians can give advice on whether or not such treatments are required.

Furthermore, the following additional information may be provided during the consultation:

  • A diagnosis; with an explanation of the meaning of the diagnosis. It needs to be understood that it is uncommon for a precise diagnose to be made and the reasons for this are not simple.
  • Guidance in the understanding of the consequences of pain.
  • A management plan, including items such as:
    • Would a pain management program help?
    • Is exercise important and if so what type of exercise?
    • Can physical therapy help?
    • Is referral to a surgeon relevant?
    • What medications should be considered and why?
    • How long might the pain persist?

Details about each of the key procedures and treatments performed can be found in the following sections:

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