Metro Pain Group Website Privacy Policy

Last updated January 2020

Here at Metro Pain Group, we understand you are concerned about your digital privacy. This privacy and permission statement is to demonstrate our company commitment to your privacy.

How does Metro Pain Group use the information I provide?

Metro Pain Group uses the information that you provide primarily for personalised contact regarding the services we provide you and/or payment processing. From time to time we may use overseas 3rd party providers to deliver our service to you. They are only used where we are satisfied that they meet Australian Privacy laws. At no point will credit card information be shared with a third party or communicated via email.

Metro Pain Group will not sell or give away your personal information to any other person, company or organisation, unless:

  1. It is required by law, or;
  2. You expressly agree to us giving out your information.

What about security?
Metro Pain Group has modern and robust security measures in place to protect your information from loss, misuse and alteration. We are constantly reviewing and upgrading these security measures to ensure the very best protection for you.

Why does Metro Pain Group record IP Addresses?
When a user subscribes to digital content on the Metro Pain Group website, our computers and associated systems may record their IP address. In the event that we detect fraud or abuse of our program or our website and computers, we may use the IP address of the offender to take action against them. Ultimately this ensures greater protection for you and your personal information.

What are cookies and why does Metro Pain Group use them?
A cookie is a piece of data stored on a user’s computer hard drive, containing information about that user. A cookie can only be accessed across the Internet by the website that placed it there. Your computer makes the decision to deliver the cookie. Because of this it is critical that your antivirus and anti-spam software is up to date. Cookies are used by the Metro Pain Group website to add functionality and security.

You may choose to reject a cookie that the Metro Pain Group website attempts to place on your computer, however you may then be limited in your use of some areas of the site. The use of cookies in this way is wide-spread and commonly accepted as best practice in an online environment.

What about other websites?
The Metro Pain Group website contains links to other sites. We are not responsible for the privacy practices of these other sites. We encourage you to be aware when you leave our site and to read the privacy statements of other websites that you use. This privacy statement applies only to sites owned and operated by Metro Pain Group.

What is spam and does Metro Pain Group send it?
The widely accepted definition of spam is unsolicited commercial email, or in other words, email of a commercial nature that the recipient does not want. Metro Pain Group will never send any unsolicited email communication. This is because when you subscribe to Metro Pain Group, you must expressly agree to allow us to send to you email.

How many emails will I receive?
We respect your time and attention. We endeavour to send only relevant information, and guarantee that you will receive no more than one email per week.

How can I stop Metro Pain Group from sending me email?
We use a third party automation service to manage our marketing emails and as such, each email we send to you contains a link at the very bottom allowing you to unsubscribe.

If you have received unwanted email sent from Metro Pain Group, or purporting to be sent from Metro Pain Group, please contact us immediately.

Click here to download our full privacy policy.

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