19/06/2018 What is pelvic instability?

Pelvic instability can present at any age, but tends to decline with aging, due to stiffening of ligamentous tissues. Our pelvic bones bear the weight of our upper body and

24/04/2018 The Role of a Physician Associate

A Physician Associate (PA) is a practitioner who supports doctors during patient consultations and assessments. As qualified allied health professionals, they hold a minimum of Bachelor Degree in Applied Science

04/04/2018 Mindful Pain Management Sessions

Mindfulness based approaches can be very helpful in managing chronic pain. They enable a person to shift the attention to stimuli other than the pain. They also help patients develop acceptance towards their chronic pain

20/03/2018 The Role of Rehab in Managing Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain can have a huge impact on the entire body, mind and quality of life. For many patients who suffer from chronic pain, various physical and emotional aspects in

14/03/2018 Complex Chronic Low Back Pain Workshop for GPs

Do you have patients who suffer from complex chronic back pain? 40 RACGP QI & CPD CATEGORY 1 POINTS (accreditation approval pending) Metro Pain Group, leaders in Pain Management, presents a full day workshop

02/02/2018 Cancer Pain: More Than Just Opioids

Cancer survivors often feel that they are at a loss in managing their pain. Many patients who undergo cancer treatment experience ongoing pain as a result from tissue or nerve

16/01/2018 How can mindfulness help manage chronic pain?

Many patients with chronic pain experience stress, fear and depression, which along with their associated behaviours, increase the perception of pain. Research with chronic pain sufferers has found increased brain

09/01/2018 Changes in codeine scheduling – are you prepared?

The Therapeutic Goods of Australia (TGA) in consultation with various medical and health professional groups made the decision that medicines containing codeine will no longer be available over the counter

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