What does multidisciplinary mean for you? Meet the professionals giving you the gold standard of care


There is no cure for chronic pain, yet there is significant research on how best to manage it. That is, by employing robust multidisciplinary teams that can effectively respond to a broad range of patient needs. At Metro Pain Group, the term multidisciplinary means health professionals from different backgrounds, which may include medical doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists, and nurses.


Why multidisciplinary teams? Because there are many factors that contribute to the pain experience.
While specific medical interventions are integral to treatment, the full treatment picture is completed when multiple professionals of different health backgrounds work together [1].

Below is an explanation of some of the professionals you may encounter at Metro Pain Group, and how they can help:

The doctor usually leads the treatment and coordinates involvement of other practitioners to make sure the person is being treated holistically. We have experienced medical practitioners with a range of specialties in pain, musculoskeletal conditions, child health and sports and exercise. They provide expert diagnosis, present treatment options and medical input in managing your pain. Our doctors oversee all stages of journey to ensure you receive optimal care.

Physician Associate
A Physician Associate (PA) is a practitioner who can support doctors during patient consultations. Some of our doctors use PA’s as a critical part of the patient consultation and journey at Metro Pain Group. As qualified health professionals, PA’s can provide care for our patients by taking a thorough history and clinical assessment, through to diagnosis, treatment and evaluation of care. PA’s collaborate closely with doctors by presenting patient data and recommendations for pain management.

Our nurses provide you with education and continuity of care. They are involved in multiple stages of your treatment and will conduct regular follow-ups to assist the doctor in delivering effective outcomes for pain management. They liaise with other healthcare practitioners to ensure safe and optimal care for the patient.

At Metro Pain Group we have experienced psychologists who have a great understanding of the impact pain has on the individual. They understand that the physical and emotional suffering of chronic pain can lead to life changes and losses. Our psychologists provide a safe, confidential and empathetic space to talk about the issues affecting your life. They can help educate you on the processes of pain and ways that you can modify your own pain experience through various psychological tools. Research overwhelmingly supports the effectiveness of engaging with a psychologist to help manage chronic pain.

Rehabilitation Coordinator
Your doctor will often refer you to a Rehabilitation Coordinator after a procedure. This type of rehabilitation is about maximising your functioning – physically, mentally and socially. As a fully-qualified physiotherapist, the role of our Rehabilitation Coordinator is to ensure we provide you with holistic care. This is done through assessment, education on different services that could help you, advice and facilitating referral to the best people in your local area to assist with achieving the most positive overall outcome. Our Rehabilitation Coordinator may also facilitate referrals to local services such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists, dieticians and psychologists. Ultimately, their role is to listen to you, uncover any ongoing needs you may have and to collaboratively plan and coordinate your ongoing care.

Clinical Support Team
Our Clinical Support Team is your point of contact for communication in relation to procedures and general care. They provide direct support, assist with procedure bookings and help you manage hospital admission documentation. They are also responsible for booking follow up appointments with our practitioners.

At Metro Pain Group, we are committed to delivering the highest standard of patient care to reduce your pain and empower you to live better. For more information on our multidisciplinary care, please fill out the form below.

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[1] 1. Goldberg, D. S., & McGee, S. J. (2011). Pain as a global public health priority. BMC public health, 11, 770. doi:10.1186/1471-2458-11-770

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